TobiasI’m Tobias, that web developer from Braunschweig, Germany. I’ve been building web sites and applications for international clients since the late 90s. I’m most passionate about PHP/MySQL-driven backends and JavaScript-heavy frontends.

I accept both remote and in-house jobs. If your business isn’t located in or around the thriving metropolis that is Braunschweig, don’t worry – I’m always happy to get to know new cities and countries.


Dr. Oetker, Volkswagen, Mazda, SAE Institute, Continental, GABA, KIND Hörgeräte, etc.


I hold a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Arts from the Middlesex University in London.


I write PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML and (S)CSS on a daily basis. I’m a big advocate of the DRY (Do not repeat yourself) principle to speed up development and try to automate tasks whenever possible. My tools of choice include Grunt, Git, WordPress, jQuery, Zend and Bootstrap.

I’m comfortable on the command line and have been using/configuring UNIX servers for at least 10 years.

Interested in hiring me? Drop me an email at or write a message on XING.